Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rachel, at sbs-teas.com, is having a blog contest. And I love her teas, so I'm in! She does do really awesome teas, and even wrote a really nice tea blending tutorial for my business website. I usually get some for my friend Linda for her birthday or Christmas, she loves getting them! She loves them both hot and iced.

I tend to get decaf and herbal teas. The thing I really like about her teas are 1) they are yummy! 2) I can find an EXCELLENT number of choices that are both decaf and Fair Trade. Most stores have a token decaf tea or two and MAYBE some Fair Trade teas if I am lucky, but rarely both. But at her place, I have a really great selection of both. It ROCKS. So, Yay rachel. Keep it up!
I love random acts of kindness!

I belong to this soaping forum (i don't actually make soap, but do make all other sorts of bath and body products). the soapdish. So anyway, I had posted about howmuch I love spinning. And some lovely girl I don't even really know emails me to let me know she has some fiber she doesnt' want, and would I Like it. SURE, says i. :) And soon enough, this gorgeous box of REALLY NICE fiber (in my favorite colors, even) arrives on my doorstep. All just becuase she's a nice girl. Isn't that awesome?!?!

She didn't want any money or anything in trade, but she did (after much prodding) admit that a nice scarf would be appreciated. So, I'm excited! As I told her, it's about the process for me. I love dyeing, i love spinning, i love knitting. After the item is made, I just want it to go to a good home so that I can make more stuff. So, it all works out well!

Now I have 2 "gift" scarves to make. one to my neighbor Karen, who gave me 2 fleeces from her sheep (and says she has more next year, yay!), and one to this lovely girl who gave me the dyed roving.

what fun!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wow - 2 days into our 3 day open house at work (prairielandherbs.c0m) and I'm TIRED. But ready to go for our last day - today, from 12-4. And then - HUHOT afterwards! I love Huhot. (Mongolian BBQ). I got signed up to be a sockret pal (SOCK ret, get it? Like a secret pal. but with handknitted socks! cool, hmm?) so that's awesome!

Well, no food here in the house. Time to make scones. :)