Friday, February 18, 2011

Yarn and Yarn Bowl Giveaway!

Hey everyone! My potter friend Becky did a blog giveaway last month, and this month she and I are doing one together!! She wrote a blog post - and since she did all the work I'll just cut and paste here :)

WE - Maggie and Becky - are giving away a yarn bowl, 6 buttons, a set of knitting needles, and a skein of yarn (handspun by Maggie!). How awesome is that, right? Check out the photos below, the info on the pieces, and the rules for entry into the drawing. It could be YOU! Oh, and if you're not a knitter, and you think you could never have a need for something like this.. remember: mother's day, birthdays, and maybe even stash it away for next Christmas. ;)

First Up: The Yarn Bowl. This is a large yarn bowl that easily holds a ton of yarn. It's made from stoneware clay on the wheel, trimmed, carved, and had a little needle holder added. It's glazed with 'Sage' and is very solid. It won't fall over if you give the yarn a good pull.

Next: The yarn... omg.. the yarn. This yarn is handspun from locally produced and processed Rambouillet wool from Whispering Acres farm in Van Meter Iowa (plus yarn scraps). It's 112 yards, 3.5 oz.
You can't knit without: Needles! These needles are Size 9 Surina needles. Surina Knitting Needles Website

Last up: Accessories. If you're knitting something that needs that little extra oomph, how about some handmade buttons? These little oblong buttons have my 'lizard' texture on them and are glazed a calming sea green. You could use them on a pair of wrist warmers, or to add accents to the end of a scarf. They're also made from stoneware clay.

So how's that for a giveaway? It's valued at:
Yarn bowl: $30
Handspun yarn: $30
Surina needles: $10
Handmade buttons: $15
Total value: $85!
Your cost: Free, if you sign up and win! ;)

The Rules:

1. Sign up for Willow Avenue Pottery email list. Click HERE.
2. 'Like' GirlWithASword Productions on Facebook. Click HERE.
3. 'Like' Willow Avenue Pottery on Facebook. Click HERE.
4. 'Share' this blog post on Facebook with all of your friends and encourage them to enter the drawing too!
5. Leave ONE comment for this post that says you completed steps 1-4, and you're entered in the drawing! (If you're commenting anonymously, please be sure to add your name so we know who you are!).

Last, but absolutely not least, I want to give a special thanks to our photographer. John Gibney took the wonderful photos of our goodies for the giveaway. If you'd like to see more of his work, visit his photo blog by clicking HERE.

The giveaway will go until NOON on Wednesday, February 23rd. At that time, all the names will be given a number and a random generator will choose a number. Good luck!

Want to check out more work from both me and Maggie? Visit our Etsy Shops!
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