Friday, December 29, 2006

My sock-ret pal told me she likes to spoil her pals...and she wasn't kidding! Before Christmas I got this FABULOUS package from her, and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it (sorry, I wanted to before, but holiday retail craziness and all....). ANYWAY, i got the CUTEST stitch markers that spell out PURL (I didn't have any stitch markers until now! thank you!), a FABULOUS Nancy Bush book that is going to Mexico with me next week (just think of all the sock knitting I can get done on the plane!), an adorable little black notebook, and 2 gorgeous skeins of sock yarn - Socks that Rock in "chapman springs"colorway, and Jitterbug sock yarn (made in wales! how cool!) in colorway "Marble". I haven't tried either of those yarns, and love the colors in both! You did a GREAT job pal, thank you so much!

My Soapdish Pal RULES! :) She sent me this GIANT box of goodies before Christmas. Wiht all the holiday/retail craziness I haven't been blogging much, but now I'm gonna gloat about all the fabulous stuff i got! :)

(note Boots there on the right eyeing my swag - i think she wants the tea all to herself!)

Debe is my pal - dlbaqua on the forum. :) She spoiled me for six whole months!!! she was the BEST pal. :)
I got a HUGE bag of tea from sbs tea....2 FABULOUS chocolate bars and a tin of yummy spiced caramels (one was in my mouth 2.2 seconds after the box was open). Then I got a whole slew of her fabulous creations! the first thing I tried was the mocha scrub, with real coffee grounds, and cocoa and coffee absolutes. YUM! That was in the gold bag, along with a cocoa mocha lip butter and 2 fabulous soaps! Next i slathered on the Whipped Body butter in vanilla coconut. I LIVE in whipped butters over the winter, because my skin on my legs gets really dry. The beautiful striped box contained a Vanilla-Lavender Mint Sugar scrub (I cannot WAIT to dig into that!), a lavender scented carpet-clean for cars (PERFECT for me! My 2 giant dogs go to work with me every day - my car IS the dog hair capital of the universe), an adorable 1/2 oz lavender lotion bar that is going to Mexico with me next week, a fabulous nighttime skin balm, and yet another bar of beautiful handmade soap.

THANK YOU DEBE!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)