Friday, February 27, 2009

Lookie what I got on Etsy!! Custom made for ME, from Sutara's etsy shop. She has such great things, I had a hard time not buying more, but I'll be back. She can do custom banners in any colors, with any saying, and VERY reasonably. I am so excited about my beautiful new banner!


Monday, February 23, 2009

The internet is SO. FREAKING. AMAZING.

First, I discover (thanks to Twitter), about Pandora - a wonderful free internet radio service where you create your own stations, by choosing your favorite songs and artists. It's so amazing! I'm totally addicted to it, and have discovered LOADS of new artists and music that I like. FOR FREE!

Now I hear about Bookswim, which is essentially like netflix for books. I think Netflix is pretty much the greatest invention ever - I love movies, and *good* tv, but haven't even bothered to get one of those converter box thingies, because the only time my tv is on, is when there is a DVD from netflix playing.

I haven't read much for the past few years - due to some personal life circumstances. But I used to read ALL the time, and really enjoy it. And now that my book-reading mojo seems to be coming back, well.....Bookswim could be wonderful! I love paperbackswap, but, the selection is more limited.

When I sign up, I"ll let you all know how it goes.

Yesterday, we went to see Spirit - a rehabbed bald eagle. It was amazing! BUT. I am disappointed. The information that the Polk County Conservation website gave was faulty. The website did not mention that a live bald eagle would be released at 3 PM - so I missed seeing it released by literally seconds. Also - the website specifically DID say that talks about bald eagles will be given at 1, 2 and 3. But...there was no talk at 3. I was most bummed! I really did want to learn more about these magnificent birds. time I will know to call ahead to get the "real" story.

I must be missing the caribbean - I dyed some roving shocking shades of ocean blue and green! (Note the feline "help").

My friend Terri and I are starting on a new adventure together - VERMICOMPOSTING! Yes, we're composting indoors with worms. She's ordered the worms....I'm supplying shredded paper and worm trays. I'm already saving up worm food - coffee grounds, eggshells, and citrus peels are "wintertime" compostables around here.

I'm pretty excited about this. Since becoming a locavore, my trash and recycling output has gone way, way down. Right now it's primarily cat littler (ew), some random bits and pieces (we produce maybe 1 bag of trash every 2 weeks) and, sadly, some compostables. But with our new wormie friends, the compostables will be turned into lush soil for my garden. I LOVE IT!

Yesterday was National Margarita Day. Which I of COURSE celebrated. Now there's a holiday I can proudly support!
Also, yesterday was laundry soap day. My frugal soul rejoices at spending 10 minutes and maybe 10 bucks and making 2 months worth of homemade laundry detergent.

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