Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Simple Bulky Art Yarn Scarf

I am often asked what can be made with my bulky art yarns, so I created this super-simple knit scarf using a 60 yard skein of my super-bulky handspun art yarn.

Here's what the yarn looked like, in it's etsy listing.

It's a base of locally produced hand-dyed polypay wool, spun with three different commercial yarns for a fun, continually changing extra-bulky yarn.

To make a scarf like this, you will need:

Size 19 needles
40-60 yards bulky handspun art yarn

To knit: Cast on 9 stitches.
Knit three rows.
Next row, YO Each stitch.
Knit three rows.
Next row, double YO each stitch.
Knit three rows.
Next row, YO each stitch.....etc., until your scarf is desired length.
Knit three rows, and cast off.
Leave a few yards of yarn and create some fringe, if you desire.

You could also use larger needles or cast on fewer stitches, depending on the look you want.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Random film pics

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