Saturday, December 05, 2009

So, news here. I got a bunny, thanks to my awesome friend Abby! We originally thought she was a girl and named her Anya. I know NOTHING about bunnies, so, it's all a huge learning curve. It soon became clear that 1) Duncan (the doberman) was utterly obsessed with her, and 2) the cats tooooootally ignored her. Duncan followed her around for about a week, obsessively staring at her. Not in an "I want to eat you" way, just in a "what are you and can I poke you with my nose?" kind of way. Fortunately for all of us, he's past that. Anya is an angora mix, and has lovely luscious fur that I will spin! She was pretty matted, and my awesome mom took 2 hours last week to help me groom her. And by help me, I mean, I held the bunny and she did all the work. (She has mad grooming skills, and brushed/cut/shaved all the mats out of Anya). However, this week, Anya started, well...showing affection for our foster kittens in a MOST inappropriate manner. OBSESSIVELY. And now I am pretty darn sure that Anya is actually Andy, and has an appointment to get neutered next Wednesday, so s/he can go back to being a calm and peaceful member of this crazy little family. (s/he is a housebunny, working on housetraining and learning NOT to eat electrical cords).

2nd big excitement. I got a CHEESE PRESS! Bartered for it, which is even awesomer. (is that a word?) I don't actually have any clue how to use it, but, I will figure it out. Now,time to get serious about cheesemaking. I have and endless supply of amazing farm fresh milk thanks to a generous wonderful friend, and our neighbors at Picket Fence Creamery, so....time to get making cheese!

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