Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who knew little dead bugs could make such PRETTY stuff?? I have been having a blast with dyeing. I have done quite a bit of a gorgeous 10% cashmere (!!!) 90% wool yarn, dyed with cochneal. Gorgeous soft pinks and lilacs, yum! Plus I did a few silk spinner's hankies (bombyx silk) and LOVE it. I have a couple pound s(!!!) more of them coming in the mail in the next few days. :) Some silk hankies no my etsy store, more of them, plus the yarn, will be posted soon....

in other news - Willie is cute in the sink. :)

My friend John from Sunrise farm gave me these amazing organic tomatoes. My freezer is now FULL! and I haven't even had a chance to freeze, well, pretty much anything else. Guess what i'll be eating all winter!

Kitties are so cute! Even when you cant' see all of them!