Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My mom and I signed up for Small Potatoes CSA together, and I have enjoyed the whole experience immensely! I already can't wait to sign up for next year. :) This is one half of our box of vegetable goodness, from Mid-sept. YUM!

Peaches are a thing this year - I'm alllll about the peaches! We got one lug, and froze half the peaches, then canned the other half in a divine syrup made from turbinado sugar that had been infusing in vanilla beans for over a year. The vanilla beans are still in the jar, infusing with the peaches. Can we say, YUM?

So that inspired us to get a second lug. Again, half in the freezer (these will be used for pies, cobblers, and just eating with cream and a little honey), and the other half canned - we did some schnapped peaches (canned with light syrup and a little vodka), and hurricane peaches. The hurricane peaches are going to be amazing, i think! I made a syrup of orange juice, nectarine juice, and pineapple juice with sugar, then added some rum. YUM! This last lug is getting made into peach cordial - the jar shown is just peaches and brandy, yum! After the peaches infuse with the brandy, you strain the peaches out, then make a simple syrup with sweetner (I'm going to use honey I think) and water, and combine this with your brandy for a yummy, fruity, sweet alcoholic drink. The rest of the peaches we are eating fresh - sliced into a bowl and topped with honey, locally produced jersey cow cream, and a bit of fresh nutmeg. Some brandy added, if they're for dessert. Maybe I'll have enough to make some peach chutney too - I love that with brie.

Oh, you can find the cordial recipe on my friend Tina's blog. Sept 9th entry. :)