Monday, May 21, 2007

I got my first package from my Secret Pal 10! I had been wating a new knitting book, and she came through - I got "one skein", which is delightful, plus a knitting magazine! And some beautiful patons wool, which is PERFECT - i've been wanting to explore colorwork, and had picked out an easy (i hope ) mitten pattern, and these yarns will be PERFECT for that project. Thanks, pal!!! :)

I have the SWEETEST secret pal (my soapdish pal!) - she ROCKS! She sent me this AMAZING package for my 30th birthday, and it was totally perfect! She really and truly picked amazing things that are absolutely perfect for me. :)

Her theme was "lemons". She said her 30th birthday was a lemon, but she hopes mine is lemonade. :) isn't that sweet? and so creative!!

I got 2 gorgeous bottles of handmade lemoncello, made with organic lemons grown by her father (!!!!). PLUS a printout of recipes and drink ideas! one bottle is in my freezer now...I can't believe I haven't gotten into it yet. She also sent 2 bottles of her own sourwood/lemon jam that I can't wait to dive into. What is the best vehicle for this...warm scones? toast? I shall have to explore!

I also got yummy lemon drop candies, Lemon rimmer (We looooove to play bartender around here! - this will totally get used), and some lemon marigold seeds (she said the foliage actually smells like lemons - I cant' wait to find out for myself) and some lemon sunflower seeds. Last but DEFINATELY not least, She sent me a GORGEOUS pendant that is absolutely, 100% my tastes. The pendant contains a lemon opal, which is supposed to work with a certain chakra and have certain types of energy. I'm still researching this (i find it fascinating!).....I believe that the gifts you are given are generally the ones you need!

Been knitting hats - these are for Charmed Knits. I really like the pattern! These were knit with yarn from Knitpicks; I think I'm going to use some of their luxury yarns (the merino/silk or maybe the alpaca?) to knit some of these for family members too.