Friday, November 14, 2008

Last night, John and I took a free origami class at the Adel Public Library. it was so fun! Now I want to buy some origami papers. They're so pretty.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things I want.

I want another tattoo. I have three that I love, but have been having that "itch" to get another one. (Yes, they hurt, but it's also addictive....the sound the tattoo gun inspires this sort of anticipatory tingle in my whole body....really).
here is my chest piece.This was my first tattoo. I love it, i just never get to see it, as it is on the back of my neck. :)

and this is the last one i got - on my left wrist.

I have them because I love them, and think they are beautiful - no other "real" reason than that, but it's enough for me.

Obviously, I only like blackwork, and preferably tribal style. I'm thinking perhaps something maori/polynesian inspired. I love this (found on flickr) - the middle back piece, not the lower piece.

or perhaps something on my right forearm? I'm still looking and thinking..

Anyway. The other thing I really want in my life is to practice martial arts again. The whole "Girlwithasword" thing is not a joke - I studied Iaido, the japanese art of the sword, for years. I own a sword, and have a somewhat decent idea of how to use it - the basics, anyway. (Finesse with a Japanese sword takes years and years of serious study). I have, in the past, studied hapkido, judo, brazilian jiu-jitsu, iaido, jodo, and (very very briefly), kumdo. I have no particular expertise in any of them - Mostly, I want to study in a dojo with a really, really good teacher. Preferably a Japanese art dealing with weapons. Ideally, I'd love to study iaido, jodo, and either judo or jiu-jitsu (NOT Brazilian, but traditional Japanese) or maybe aikido. I truly miss the training, and the experience of learning a traditional martial art from a really good teacher. I do believe it will be back in my life someday....I'm just hoping it's soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday, we had a little dyeing party - it was so much fun! We had food, wine, lots of talk and laughter, and loads of dye and fiber! Shown above is some of Jill's "wool bell".

Here are multicolored mohair locks......

Terri's roving at the bottom, and a silk shawl draped over the drying rack. We spent many happy hours talking, drinking, eating, and dyeing. darn near a perfect day, in my book. I'm so lucky to have such great friends!!!!

Here is a "lucy bag" in progress - I'm making it for my mom for christmas. (Hope she doesn't watch this blog!). it's made of handdyed, handspun single-ply yarn - it's gorgeous Icelandic from my friend Lorraine's sheep. I love the icelandic because it takes the colors so beautifully, and it's so strong, even as a single.