Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love natural dyes!

I am in love with this set of dyed yarns.

This is a 30% silk, 70% wool blend yarn. It's worsted/heavy worsted weight. This set contains 12 skeins, all solar-dyed, and mordanted with alum. Each skein is dyed with a different natural dye material, or combination of dye materials. The colors are so lush, they just seem to glow from inside, that is what I love about natural dyes! And the combination of silk(blend) yarn and natural dyes is just FANTASTIC. I have a lot of "plain" wool yarn to dye up, but in future, I will be getting more silk/wool yarn to dye, because it just sucks up the colors like no other, it's really wonderful!

Each skein is 200 yards, so this whole set contains 2400 yards of yarn!

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