Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rachel, at sbs-teas.com, is having a blog contest. And I love her teas, so I'm in! She does do really awesome teas, and even wrote a really nice tea blending tutorial for my business website. I usually get some for my friend Linda for her birthday or Christmas, she loves getting them! She loves them both hot and iced.

I tend to get decaf and herbal teas. The thing I really like about her teas are 1) they are yummy! 2) I can find an EXCELLENT number of choices that are both decaf and Fair Trade. Most stores have a token decaf tea or two and MAYBE some Fair Trade teas if I am lucky, but rarely both. But at her place, I have a really great selection of both. It ROCKS. So, Yay rachel. Keep it up!


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