Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I love random acts of kindness!

I belong to this soaping forum (i don't actually make soap, but do make all other sorts of bath and body products). the soapdish. So anyway, I had posted about howmuch I love spinning. And some lovely girl I don't even really know emails me to let me know she has some fiber she doesnt' want, and would I Like it. SURE, says i. :) And soon enough, this gorgeous box of REALLY NICE fiber (in my favorite colors, even) arrives on my doorstep. All just becuase she's a nice girl. Isn't that awesome?!?!

She didn't want any money or anything in trade, but she did (after much prodding) admit that a nice scarf would be appreciated. So, I'm excited! As I told her, it's about the process for me. I love dyeing, i love spinning, i love knitting. After the item is made, I just want it to go to a good home so that I can make more stuff. So, it all works out well!

Now I have 2 "gift" scarves to make. one to my neighbor Karen, who gave me 2 fleeces from her sheep (and says she has more next year, yay!), and one to this lovely girl who gave me the dyed roving.

what fun!!!


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