Friday, January 23, 2009

I am lost without an astrological calender. I hadn't realized how much it had become a part of my life last year. I need to find one to purchase!

However, I can tell, WITHOUT a calender, than Mercury is Retrograde. everything technological is breaking, and it's REALLY PISSING ME OFF. *insert feet stomping, glaring, grumping, and general pissy-ness*

On the other hand, Ravelry makes me happy. It's a fantastic way to keep track of my knitting projects. because my wee brain is not big enough. but Ravelry is. :) (I'm girlwithasword on case anyone cares).

I love these little scarf-ettes. I can make one in about 2 hours. And the are SO cute! This is a highly modified Fourteen.

And another one. This one for my mom, made with 2 strands knitpicks 100% wool yarn, and one strand random sock yarn. I hope she likes it. if not I'm totally stealing it back.

I've been on a huge knitting streak lately. And not spinning AT All. I miss it - but not enough to quit knitting. My muse works in streaks. Eventually I'll be "over" knitting, and spin like a madwoman. That's just how it goes. And as soon as I'm back into spinning-mode - oh boy. I'm gonna tackle this fiber first!! This is my "Secret Santa" spinner's gift from my talented and VERY generous friend Lorraine, from Hedgeapple farm. The red is some of her fiber, that she dyed - LOVE that! And the beautiful rainbow-ey stuff is some excruciatingly soft merino/silk. I'm going to make myself something very, very special with that. I just don't know what yet.

As you can see - I do not believe you can have too many scarves. I love scarves, and wear them all the time. However, the other day as we were shoveling snow in sub zero temps, John mentioned to me that maybe, perhaps, could he have a scarf too pretty please?

So I whipped up this for him.....Out of this! 50% alpaca, 50% wool, naturally colored. He wanted a wide, long scarf - I think that is what he got! I have more of this fiber - I think matching mittens would be cute.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Text conversation from my funny sister.

Sis: You made apple butter right?
Me: Yeah (puzzled, because I KNOW she knows I did)
Sis: I did not get any for Christmas. I am sad. :( :( :(

Needless to say, 2 jars were hers the next day. It is delightful to have one's handmade stuff appreciated. :)