Monday, March 30, 2009

Sublimely happy - a yarny nap (doesn't she have the cutest pawpads? This is Tori).

Spike and Three were spinning and shopping for bellydance dvds online when they decided it was naptime.

Spike (aka Blondie Bear)

They all LOVE my laptop. (This is Three).

Spike loves Lorraine's wool as much as I do!

There's your gratuitous kitteh cuteness for the day - stripey style.
I've got worms!

The good kind. Red worms, for composting indoors. I've had them for about a month. I've wanted to do vermicomposting for AGES - it seems like such an easy and logical way to deal with kitchen food wastes, especially during the winter months.

A friend and I split an order for 2 lbs of worms - I found the box stamped "live worms" to be most amusing. My worms are happily living in an old plastic tote, settled in a bed of shredded paper and a bit of dirt, eating my kitchen waste (primarily coffee coffee grounds, citrus peels, and teabags in the winter). They require basically no work - I check on them every few days or maybe once a week, and throw in some more food waste, make sure the container is moist but not TOO moist, and that's it. There is no smell, and I can tell the worms are doing their job - food waste is being converted to compost, which will end up in my garden this summer.