Monday, March 30, 2009

I've got worms!

The good kind. Red worms, for composting indoors. I've had them for about a month. I've wanted to do vermicomposting for AGES - it seems like such an easy and logical way to deal with kitchen food wastes, especially during the winter months.

A friend and I split an order for 2 lbs of worms - I found the box stamped "live worms" to be most amusing. My worms are happily living in an old plastic tote, settled in a bed of shredded paper and a bit of dirt, eating my kitchen waste (primarily coffee coffee grounds, citrus peels, and teabags in the winter). They require basically no work - I check on them every few days or maybe once a week, and throw in some more food waste, make sure the container is moist but not TOO moist, and that's it. There is no smell, and I can tell the worms are doing their job - food waste is being converted to compost, which will end up in my garden this summer.



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