Sunday, October 01, 2006

Natural dyeing fascinates me. The autumn leaves, freshly fallen acorns and black walnuts, and the green grass are all telling me to throw them in the dyepot. So I am! I picked acorns from our farm the other day, and they are boiling merrily on teh stove. Later today I'm going to go find some bright, beautiful fall leaves and experiment with those too. We'll try some contact dyeing on silk scarves, and I'll do some dyepot dyeing on wool. I found this REALLY awesome site on natural dyeing. VERY cool. I'll post pictures if anything turns out well. The yarns on the left are from a class on natural dyeing I took last summer. It was awesome! We used cochineal, indigo, black walnut, and a other stuff I don't remember now. All that yarn is from a 99 cent wool sweater I got at Goodwill and tore apart. :)

In other randomness, this other pictures is the one and only quilt I've ever completed. i LOVE batiks. Abi has said she'll show me how to batik....heh heh. She is the queen enabler of all things FUN! I have another in that pattern partially cut out, and just signed up to do a log-cabin quilt-block-of-the-month thingie. I guess I'm getting ready for hibernation - starting to line up indoor projects.....


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