Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm hosting a SOUP SWAP! Saturday, February 20th, 2 PM at Prairieland Herbs (rural Woodward).

And you are invited! (and anyone you know, and all your friends, heck, bring your doggie. It's all good!this is for sure a more-the-merrier type thing)

If you don't know what a soup swap is, here is the very bare-bones summary. Each person brings 6 - 1 quart freezer containers of homemade soup. Then, you swap with other people, and take home six entirely different containers of yummy homemade soup. That's it!

For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Soup Swap website, it has loads of great information and explains the whole process very thoroughly. Here is the "how to swap soup" page, which I will be following for our soup-swapping shindig.

So, if you'd like to participate, please do plan to come! You do not need to rsvp, although if you'd like to drop me an email (girlwithasword at yahoo dot com) to let you know you're coming, that would be good (so we have a basic idea of how many people to expect).

Vegetarians, please note: We cannot guarantee that there will be six vegetarian or vegan soups for you to take home, so please be flexible and understanding. If you'd still like to swap, perhaps some of the carnivorous soups would be a wonderful gift for a family member or kindly neighbor. (If you are super-concerned about this, but would still like to swap, let me know. Perhaps something can be arranged. I do know lots of vegetarians and suspect several of them will participate in this swap!)

You are not required to share your recipes, however, if you'd like to, it is encouraged!

Please DO make sure your soup is freezer-friendly. If you have a great soup recipe but aren't sure if it's good after being frozen, make some, freeze it, then defrost it and give it a taste. A quick google search for "freezer soup recipes" led me to a bajillion links, so I am sure the wonderful interwebs can help you find a delicious freezer recipe!

I'd like to meet and mingle at 2 PM at the classroom at Prairieland Herbs (delicious snacks will be provided), then swap it up...I imagine the whole shindig wouldn'tt ake more than an hour, unless we really get yakking.

Oh, one last thing. If you want to participate but can't actually be there on the day of the event, that's fine. IF you bring your six soups to either Maggie's house or Prairieland Herbs before the event, we'll do the swappin' for you! Not a problem.



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