Thursday, February 05, 2009

All of a sudden, there are fiber CSAs EVERYWHERE!!!

First, was Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm (of which I am a proud member).

The our very own Cherie, a cool Iowan and member of our Prairiespinners group, started HER CSA, at Willow Ridge Farm, which I have heard complete rave reviews about.

Now I hear about another one! Serentity Sheep Farm has started her Sick and Twisted fiber CSA. (Love, love, love the name!)

I just think all this local farm fiber goodness is entirely too cool. go small fiber farms! yeah!

Speaking of fiber. Imentioned my spinning mojo had returned?
This lovely red/orange fiber was a gift from the amazing Lorraine, at Hedgeapple Farm. She as my "Secret Santa"! This is some of her wool, mixed with alpaca (I think) and handdyed by Lorraine. I then plied it with some orange 100% cashmere yarn I had recycled from a thrift-store sweater. It's so soft and quite beautiful! What shall I make with it?

And THIS - well, yum. Actually, John made it look nicer than it does in real life - good photographer that he is. It's 1 ply of gorgeous naturally colored Jacob X roving from High Prairie Fibers, and 1ply of lush chocolate colored Shetland from a small family farm that doesn't have a blog or website. I have over a lb of this wonderful stuff. What to make with it???

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug! Keeping a farm afloat in any economy is always a stretch, but 2009 is a new stretch! I appreciate it!


9:34 AM  

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