Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love stripey socks. I love the knitpicks Felici self-striping sock yarn. and they have new colors! squeee!!! (note the feet of my faithful velcro-Dober.)

This wool is special to me. It is from a neighbor’s Jacobs X sheep. We watched the sheep being sheared, then she gave us the fleece. We skirted, washed, carded, spun, and dyed the wool. It’s springy! I cast on 24 stitches, on size 13 needles, and did a basic farrow rib (I think that is what it is called?) knit, knit, purl every row. All the wool was dyed in one pot - sort of random blues and greens, and then spun randomly. I knit it so the greenest bit was at one end and the darkest blues on the other, so it naturally graduates from greens to blues.

Last but not least: this week's edition of Freezer and Pantry Soup!

A sort of veggie-stew but "dressed up" a little.

4-5 large carrots, chopped (I cannot believe how well they CSA carrots from this fall are keeping)
1 onion, chopped
one head garlic (yes, really), chopped
1/2 head celery, chopped
1 pint bag frozen local corn
1 quart bag frozen local tomatoes
1 quart jar canned tomato juice

Put all in the crock pot on high for 8-10 hours. Then we added a bit of red wine, some local cream, loads of thyme and basil, some sea salt and cracked black pepper. That's it! it was lovely.

On day 2 we cooked up some homemade pasta and ladeled some of this soup over it. Added a bit more cream, some leftover brie, and some local gouda (YUM). Pasta! We took the letovers of THAT, added some more soup and a load of sauteed mushrooms and onions, topped it with cheese, and baked it for lunch the next day. This is how we cook - leftovers are eaten or made into something else.


Blogger BlueGate said...

Love the socks!
So is the scarf from JR's wool?

6:33 PM  
Blogger girlwithasword said...

Nope!!! I have never been to Lorraine's for shearing. This is my mom's ACTUAL neighbor (in more than the "country" sense of the word - she lives one road over) who has sheep just 'cuz - doesn't do anything with the wool. She gave me a fleece 2 years ago. it was really bad, but we managed to salvage enough for 2 scarves -one which I knit up for her as a thank-you, and this one, which is MINE ALL MINE!!!!

7:27 PM  
Blogger Shadows of the goddess designs said...


7:51 PM  
Blogger Bonne said...

that self-striping yarn is like magic!! The socks are fab!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Hi Donna, we met at the spinner's guild meeting the other night - I'm the newbie. :-) Love the socks, I can't wait until I learn how to knit socks. Seems like I've found the right group to learn from!

10:12 AM  

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