Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soup Swap! Veggie ABC Soup

Linda Shelley's Veggie ABC Soup

"I made my own vegetable stock but you could use canned. I got my stock
recipe from John Deere Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and adjusted. I
mixed veggie stock with equal amount of V8 juice.  I added fresh carrots
chopped, fresh potatoes chopped, fresh onion chopped, fresh celery
chopped, small amount of fresh garlic, frozen peas, frozen corn and canned
kidney beans
.  For seasoning I used some salt, pepper, parsley, basil and
Italian seasoning.  The last 5 minutes I added the abc pasta.  You can use
veggies of your choice, whatever seasonings your family prefers.  If you
want you can use beef stock instead of veggie and add beef.  To make a 5
quart crock pot full I use one can tomato juice or V8 and 2-3 cans of
stock or equal amount if homemade stock.  Then just add veggies of your
choice.  I leave in crock pot on low about 8 hours.  You could add pasta
last 5 minutes or leave out.  I just the the ABC's were fun and my
grandsons love them.  Enjoy."



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