Monday, October 12, 2009

BRILLIANT idea for next year's VMD's (Veggies of Mass pet name for those oversized crazy zucchini that always...appear.....)

Zucchini Candy.

Posted by my friend Abby, and as she says - I'm sure we could come up with something better than Kool-Aid to flavor the zucchini.

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Blogger Claire said...

I'm thinking a simple syrup with ginger, lemon (or lemongrass), maybe a touch of basil or rosemary, as the kool-aid substitute. Super concentrated. Possibly even a version with a fruit syrup, like blackcurrant or raspberry syrup. Oh, I like this idea!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Sarah J. said...

I used Crystal Light! Less calories than koolaid and more unique flavors...rasberry ice Crystal Light and then rolled them in raspberry lemonade for a little zip...yum!!

10:03 PM  

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