Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Saturday, I'm going to attend my first Tellabration event. I'm very excited! Tellabration is an international event - folks from all over the world will be gathering in small groups in their hometowns and neighborhoods, to tell stories and hear stories. I think that is just a fascinating concept. The local event is held at the Des Moines Playhouse; my very talented storytelling friend Jill* will be at the event, but working as an interpreter rather than a storyteller. I've gotten to hear her, and the local Story Spinners group, do storytelling at several events lately, and have thoroughly enjoy it.

*I have some really great pictures of Jill doing storytelling at my farm, but, am refraining from posting them so that she doesn't hurt me. She's little.....but tough. heh. :)


Blogger BlueGate said...

Hey, thanks for the promo! I really shouldn't complain about the storytelling pics, because they are nothing compared to the interpreting pics! I hate to see your blog so uncharacteristically plain, so feel free to post some of those nice photos that John shot.
Little...but Tough : )

8:01 AM  

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