Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yesterday, I got the pleasure of delivering an order to the Soap Opera in Iowa City, and wandering around the VERY fun ped mall (short for pedestrian mall). It's a fun and funky district that doesn't feel like Iowa - it's laid back, funky, and bohemian. We had a blast checking out the "recycled" thrift duds at Ragstock - I got a fantastic black wool coat for $20, and the BEST thing was the huge rack of amazing japanese kimono, from $10-20. I didn't have enough money to indulge my Japanophile urges, but rest assured - I will next time I visit Iowa City. :) Prairie Lights Bookstore is amazing - I felt smarter simply being surrounded by all those great books.

Then, we hit New Pioneer Co-op, a fantastic natural foods store! I couldn't resist indulging in a few delicacies. We eat REALLY cheaply and frugally nearly all the time - we can happily eat vats of bean stew with freshly baked bread for weeks at a time (really), and live out of our freezer for weeks on end. But, I have a serious, SERIOUS weakness for good wine, good butter, and great cheese.

The first thing that got me was the cheeses. Oh, the cheeses!!!

Now, I have the luxury of being regularly supplied with what I am sure is some of the best chevre in the world. So do not get me wrong - it takes ALOT to tempt me to buy non-local goat cheeses. But the Truffle Tremor aged goat's milk cheese from Cypress Grove Chevre did it. Now, sit down before you read this next sentence. It costs $27 a lb. So, I could afford approximately .000987 of an ounce. But that little wedge - oh, my gosh. It's divine. And truly - it's such a rich and flavorful treat, that a really small amount does go a very very long way.

I also induged in a triple creme brie. There is something oh so wrong - and yet oh so right - about a cheese make up of 70% milkfat. It's delicious. :)

Next - wine!! I know nothing about wine, other than I really like to drink it. :) So my wine buying decisions go something like this. "Ooh, pretty bottle! Hmmm, can I afford it?". My answer to both of these question was YES! I mean, look - Kungfu girl wine. How could I resist? I didn't. You'll be glad to know it's actually quite a delicious wine, to my unducated palate.

Last but not least - extra salty french butter. Again - I have regular access to some AMAZING local butter, but....there is something really extra-special about French butter, and when you can find the kind that has large grains of sea salt in it - well, I simply cannot resist.

In short, I love Iowa City. Now if you'll excuse me, my wine and butter and cheese are calling to me. It's lunchtime.


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I Love cheeses of all kinds too.

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