Sunday, April 29, 2007

i HAVE been doing stuff lately, I swear, just not blogging about it. My business is pretty busy, and, I just got a part-time job at this coffeeshop. Plus, spring is here, and, there's lots of gardening and home improvement stuff to be done. BUT, people gotta have fun too! Last Monday I hung out at the new Market at Jordan Creek, and, it was amazing!! I'd move in if they'd let me, and shop there alot if I lived closer, and had far more disposable income. But as it it was, I spent a happy evening just wandering around looking at all the fabulous food and drinks and booze and CHEESE and bread and, well, you get the picture. :)
Kittingwise, I've been in the mood for smallish projects that I can get done in a few days. Makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Plus, that way I can use handspun, and i LOVE to knit with handspun! The hat on the left is made with some handspun, naturally-colored wool from my friend Abi, she gave it to me a few years ago when I was learning to knit, and I'm just not brave enough to use it for something (handspun is very special so I wanted my knitting to be worth it!). I made 2 of those hats from the wool she gave me, one as a gift and one to keep!

The green hat is LOVELY, I'm most proud of it! We dyed the wool in batt form at a class at my shop last year. This winter I spun it, and, i LOVE spinning from hand-dyed batts, you can really control where you can the color (how much of each color you want together.), then I Navajo-plied it, and that's how you get those really bitchin' (if I do say so myself) stripes. I'm totally addicted to navajo-plying now, even though it takes longer. The results are so cool and unique.


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