Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I LOVE these socks. Love love love them. And I am giving them away! They are a gift for a friend who helped my doggie Duncan when he was very sick. So, she deserves them. But they are beautiful, and I will miss them. It's GORGEOUS alpaca/merino wool from Natural Dye Studio, it is so luscious that I now want to buy lots and lots more. I highly recommend it, BUT, just know that there are only 170 yards in each skein. Which was enough to make these socks, but just barely! I just didn't notice, before I started knitting, that there wasn't much yardage. Now I know. Knit with size 2 dpns, pattern: Conwy from Nancy Bush's knitting on the road. I love that pattern. :)


Blogger Kathy said...

Hi Maggie!

These are indeed beautiful socks! Very generous of you to give them away, and I am sure they will be much appreciated.

I have the book, but have not made that pattern - will have to give it another "look-see".

1:26 PM  

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