Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some single-ply, handdyed icelandic in an autumn colorway. What can i make with 160 yards of this? will felt like MAD so i was thinking slippers, but i don't think I have's probably sportweight.

I knit these socks for my friend Terri! I like this yarn - it's the self-striping superwash sock yarn from - Coastal is the colorway shown here. Knit on size 2 needles.

John dyed this roving in a class we took a few years ago - I finally got my spinning fine enough so i could spin, and navajo-ply this for socks. aren't they cute? i actually love how the colors are lighter in one sock than the other. Knit on size 3 needles; took less than 100 yards of yarn.


Blogger Erica said...

Beautiful socks! One of these days I will learn to spin. I work Fridays so I haven't been able to make it to your Prariespinners meetings in Adel, but soon... hopefully! With projects like these though, the inspiration and envy might end up being too much for me to wait very long!

2:59 PM  
Blogger girlwithasword said...

We can arrange a sunday after noon get together if that works better for you!!! Seriously. I'd love to. just drop me an email...always happy to enable a spinner :) :) :)

10:26 PM  

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