Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh, gads. i am SO sick. i have some sort of sinus-hell-sickness; even my EARS hurt. All I'm doing is drinking tea and laying around moaning, asking someone to please cut my head off (so far, no takers).And obsessively watching the Sopranos. I know, I know. I'm a couple of years later than the rest of the world. but I don't care; netflix rocks, and I don't have to wait years and years to figure out what's gonna happen next. Just have to wait for the mail lady to bring the next disc. whoo hoo!

I did feel well enough yesterday to do a *little* bit of spinning though. I got a WooLee Winder for christmas, and it is FREAKIN AWESOME!

I'm all about navajo-plying, i love what it does to the colors, especially when these yarns are knit up. amazing! they are for sale in my etsy store, in case anyone wants to splurge on some really excellent self-striping handspun....


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